Ruby Beach || An Artist’s Rebirth

Depression is an a affliction that all people experience in their lives and it is through this feeling of lower vibration when I discover a block on my creativity. I have been an artist all my life, drawing my first portrait at age nine, and I have found that this perpetual process of discouragement, self-loathing, and depression, is a necessary part in ones spiritual and creative evolution. How can one become better if they do not experience the sour?

After the dismal thought process I was going through, as always I forced myself to seek solitude and rejuvenation in nature. I find peace when I am near water so in this spark of energy, I took off with a friend of mine to Ruby Beach in Forks, WA. Being there once before, I knew that the two and a half hour drive would build up an anticipation of excitement and I would seek deliverance from this murky level of feeling I had been struggling with.

Needless to say, this place is magickal and I was able to create a breathtaking portrait of my friend that revealed the lead up of emotions I was experiencing and than to this moment where I was able to sit back and be in awe of my own work. I was finally out of this hollowed sullen whirlwind and that gleam of happiness has found its way back to me once again.

Portrait || Jane


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