Lost Partridge Farms || Shelton, WA

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I had and have a wonderful opportunity to lifestyle document a local farm called “Lost Partridge Farms” in Shelton, WA. Locally owned, grown, and maintained by the wonderfully energetic and adorable couple Jeremy + Hannah!

They are a family farm committed to soil health, local food and regenerative farming through biomimicry and are passionate about quality of life for their fauna, their flora, and their communities; both social and ecological. They aim to provide products from their farm to your table at a fair and accessible cost so that everyone enjoys healthy, sustainable foods.

Walking on their property gave me such an incredible feeling of peace, love, and healthy living! The air, the sounds of the animals welcoming you, their laughter, and hearing their talks of their plans for the future are truly inspiring. I was able to tour their farm and take some photographs of their property as they explained in detail these plans!

Please visit their website and give their social media accounts some love!

Website || www.lostpartridgefarms.com

FB || www.facebook.com/lostpartridgefarms/

IG || http://www.instagram.com/lostpartridgefarms


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