Making Moves…


“Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action. ”
William James

Having a creative mind and deciding not to cultivate this in some sort of expressive way can be a troubling experience. It has a way of moving into the depths of your spirit and manages to jumble up your self-confidence morphing into a type of depression only an artist can understand. When I reflect on my life, I have observed a pattern of waves where I have clenched onto my ideas in such a fearful way that it frightened myself, just developed a genuine smooth movement to articulate my ideas, or just avoided it altogether and positioning it into the back of my mind.

After many abandoned attempts to awaken my desire to establish an outlet for this artistic desire, I have finally decided to plunge myself into another creative endeavor and start-up a small business. I’ve spoken to several people I know and have collected such an immeasurable amount of advice on the first steps to take on my quest for a vision. The business of photography is a hefty one, not only with the amount of photographers here in the Pacific North West, but with how many of those photographers have developed and matured into their craft, it almost seems like an implausible feat that a person just wanting a different outlet to spread confidence through creativity could be successful. I am starting today with a different “I Am”.

I am not too sure where this venture will take me, but I feel I owe it to myself to give this a shot and not dwell on the “what if’s” that can plague any person who makes this decision. There is something within me that is urging me to take a personal initiative and embark on this journey. My hope is that this quest will help build a community for human beings where they feel a sense of beauty within themselves and realize that if an artist can see their beauty, than they have the ability to shift focus on the parts they love about themselves and let those positive thoughts thrive in your mind, cascade over their tongues, and be present in a personal metamorphosis of the self.

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