“Many relationships are give & take but the most successful ones are give & give.”
Mark Hewer

I am not professional when it comes to a successful relationship. Most of my relationships ended due to the inability and lack of capability to be in the commitment that was promised to one another. I consider cheating a dysfunction within yourself. It is no surprise that many would want my thoughts on open marriages/relationships. If you are old enough, and openly communicative in your relationship, than by all means do what works for the both of you, I however, believe that a promise to one another is not a promise to one another and someone else too. I do not believe people who are in open marriages are capable of remaining faithful to one another. I think it is a ruse to fulfill desires that are not being met by your partner. If one can be so open to even entertain the idea of sharing your partner, than why not be open enough to share why you would want to in the first place?

Of all the people I know in my life who have had these types of relationships, none of them are still together. I think for an open marriage to work, there has to be communication, but if there is good enough communication, than why not talk to your partner about the topics that they are not fulfilling for you? I have had many discussions with many friends who felt they could trust me enough to talk about this choice in their life, and more often than not, the giver in the relationship is left to feel insignificant, unimportant, and worthless that their partner would even consider this type of lifestyle. The giver is the one who agrees to it to make their partner happy, but in the end, no one is satisfied, and the taker in the relationship almost always regrets this decision.

My personal belief is that if you want to be in an open marriage or relationship, just do yourself a favor and end it. Be single, that way you can be as promiscuous as you want without the expense of another human beings self worth.  But what about happy couple’s in open marriages? I’d be more inclined to say that I promise that one person is more okay with it than the other. In the end, do what makes you both happy, I for one, would not be okay with sharing.

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