Common ground…



“We all cannot do everything or solve every issue. “It’s impossible”, however, if we each simply do our part. Make our own contribution, regardless of how small we may think it is…. together it adds up and great things get accomplished.”
Mark W Boyer

When two people come together, a sort of tangled web is woven intricately and all the points that are intersected is a building joint to keep the web held together to maximize its efficiency. Communication, trust, loyalty, love, anger, insecurity, fear, doubt, courage, laughter and many other different aspects of development are included, and in my opinion, never ending. I believe it is safe to say that human beings always learn and grow as individuals and in cohesion with other human beings we all evolve in how we communicate, with or without words, to convey all sorts of situations and events that bring out an array of emotions.

It can be very arduous to have a relationship where these points of development do not adhere as one would expect to do so. Points of view may be contrasting, body language may translate something completely different than anticipated, and we must certainly acknowledge that these types of events can be utterly frustrating. What do you do to come up with a solution so each individual feels heard and recognized? I am not a professional when it comes to all of these varieties of communication, and much of my lack of success has come from confronting myself on the points that I need to improve on, but it seems that talking is the only thing that aids in this complication we call teamwork, and not only talking, but listening, which is very often mistaken for hearing.

Relationships are a never ending field of growth and evolution and we must be kind to one another, we must be considerate, and we must be compassionate. This should not to be mistaken with ignoring, avoiding, and neglecting each others boundaries, but also using compromise as a tool to discovery so both parties feel respected enough. This is not only the essence of common ground, it is common ground.

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